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gingiva mask 3D


Stok No:32535

Ürün Açıklaması
2x 50 ml cartridges plus 12 Mixing Tips, yellow

• Working time: 1 min. 30 sec.
• Total setting time: 7 min.
• Final hardness: approx. Shore A 70
• Scannable: yes
• Colour: pink
• Indication: Implant Prosthetic works

Gingival masks, addition Curing
The use of gingival masks is indispensable for the creation of aesthetic dental prosthesis of high quality. With gingiva MASK and gingiva MASK 3D, two different materials are available to users: gingiva MASK, the soft version, with low Shore hardness for use with crowns and bridges, and the hard version gingiva Mask 3D, developed specifically for use in implant prosthetics.

The 3D variant can not only be grind, but also scanned with-out any additional use of powder. gingiva MASK 3D offers excellent reflection activity for precise data acquisition and digitization in the CAD/CAM/CIM area. Both materials can be processed using direct as well as indirect methods.


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