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Stokta Var

double brown



Ürün Açıklaması
2x 1 kg bottle (base + catalyst)

• Final hardness after 60 min.: Shore A 22
• Dosage: 1:1 (suitable for automatic mixing devices)
• Mixing time Vacuum mixer): 40 sec.
• Working time: 3–4 min.
• Curing time: 10 min
• Demouldable and pourable: directly

Duplicating-silicones / double brown
The high-quality duplicating silicones for cuvette and cuvette-free techniques (double green and double brown) have been further improved in the area of hydrophilicity. This results in better flow and surface contact properties with materials such as plaster and embedding materials, and leads to even smoother model surfaces and thus to better casting results. The increased tensile strength and ultimate elongation offers more reliability in the demoulding of the model and in the reusability.

A further crucial advantage of the optimized formulations is the elimination of the waiting time after demoulding. The duplicates can be poured directly after cleaning and drying. All 3 material types are thin-flowing and edge-stable and can be processed with commonly used mixing devices.


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