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LUKAPattern modeling gel


Stok No:D1353010

Ürün Açıklaması
LUKAPattern modeling gel red 9 gr, 3 x 3 gr syringe, including tips


LUKAPattern is a light cured, thixotropy one-component universal modelling resin, that is available as gel and / or paste. The modelling gel is applied directly from the syringe. Due to it‘s modelling clay like consistency, the modelling paste can be easily formed by hand. The material is polymerization neutral and absolutely dimensionally stable without distortion. After curing it can be combined with any standard or light cured modelling wax. LUKAPattern impresses not only by it‘s excellent fitting properties but it’s high surface hardness and enormous strength. The material is MMA- and peroxide-free, odor- and tasteless. It burns out cleanly without residue. LUKAPAttern is easy to grind and polish.

Application: LUKAPattern is operatable in multiple ways in the dental technology, like fixed restorations, combined restorations, bite transfer, check control and implantology.


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