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104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen



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For non-precious metal and model cast alloys

Set içeriği:
2x H73SHAX.104.014
2x H129SHAX.104.023
2x H139SHAX.104.023
2x H138SHAX.104.023
2x H79SHAX.104.040

SHAX revolutionizes work on non-precious metal. Whether cast, milled or printed – non-precious metal counts among the most frequently machined materials in the dental lab.
Provided with an unprecedented blade geometry, SHAX turns into the most efficient and innovative tool for dental technicians to work on non-precious restorations. SHAX cutters are powerful and greedy, yet they can be controlled with the utmost precision.
The toothing is distinguished by its individually shaped teeth. Each one has a unique height and depth and no two are ever the same. It is so special that Komet had it patented. The result at the lab: significantly increased substance removal while creating perfectly smooth surfaces.

• Patented blade concept
• every tooth has its own unique height and depth
• Extras: improved substance removal, smooth surfaces (easy to polish)
• Perfect control at all times
• Even longer service life



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