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94012C Lab

104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen



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Diamond interspersed polishers for zirconium oxide
For pre-polishing and high-shine polishing

ZR Flash Polishers: Two-step polishing for all-ceramic restorations.

The ZR Flash polishing system was developed to smooth, polish and impart a high-shine when used on restorations, including zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide, lithium disilicate and pressed ceramics.

Featuring interspered diamonds for consistent and reliable performance, the polishers produce a high-shine finish in two steps, each of which can be easily identified by the color of the polisher:
• Pre-polish using the blue polisher
• Get a high-shine final polish with the 94012F light gray polisher

Recommended Use:
• Use with spray coolant
• 6000 rpm
• Available in a variety of shapes and sizes




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