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103-milling machine shank Ø 2.35103-milling machine shank Ø 2.35



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Cone cutter with coarse staggered toothing, high efficiency cutting design

XE carbide milling cutter for efficient pre-milling of alloys
Komet has now developed the new XE toothing which is specially suited for treatment of such hard-to-cut alloys. This toothing is a further improved version of the existing cross-cut toothing for use in the milling device.
The distinct advantages of the new XE toothing include noticeably better substance removal and a smoother operation. The surface achieved helps to save time during subsequent smoothing with the S-toothing. In addition, the durability of this toothing is unsurpassed even on hard to cut alloys, which allows effective work in the laboratory even on a tight budget.



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