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104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen

 23.00 25.00


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For grinding all types of ceramics including zirconia, but also works on hard metal alloys

Diamonds with ceramic bond, DCB abrasives
The green as well as the yellow DCB grinders are preferably used on all all-ceramics, e.g. ZrO2 and IPS E.max. Due to their good edge stability and long service life, they can also be used on hard non-precious alloys – e.g. crown and bridge technique & model casting.

• New manufacturing technique with optimized ceramic bond and diamond grain penetration
• Good edge and shape stability
• High initial sharpness through activated surface
• Improved service life = longer grinding time

Differentiation yellow/green DCB grinders:
Yellow DCB grinders = coarse diamond grit
Green DCB grinders = medium (normal) diamond grit



048, 065

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