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104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen

 23.00 25.00


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For grinding all types of ceramics including zirconia, but also works on hard metal alloys

Diamonds with ceramic bond, DCB abrasives
Suitable for a vast range of grinding applications, sintered Komet® DCB abrasives feature interspersed diamonds and are manufactured with a special ceramic bond that allows them to be effectively applied on veneering and pressed ceramics as well as on extremely resistant oxide ceramics such as zirconium oxide. The abrasives also can be readily employed on hard dental alloys.

• Effectively grind all types of ceramics, including zirconium oxide
• Permit gentle, intuitive work without the need to apply pressure
• Achieve extremely fine surfaces (e.g. 4 – 6 μm on zirconium oxide) that facilitate subsequent polishing
• Provide a long service life and stable edges
• Feature a special bond and high diamond-grain content



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