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104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen104-HP/ Handpiece/ Piyesemen
204-RA/Right-angle /Anguldurva204-RA/Right-angle /Anguldurva



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Cylindrical bone cutter for efficient preparation of bone tissue and hard tooth substance

Bone cutter H255E
Dental treatment today is expected to meet high standards: a minimally invasive procedure, maximal conservation of substance, and optimal use of effective instruments. The H255E cylindrical bone cutter meets these requirements in every respect. Thanks to its particularly small dimensions (1.2 mm diameter and 6 mm-long blade), the Komet H255E allows intuitive, tactile operation, and its cylindrical working portion permits maximal contact with the material to be cut. Bone or dentin can be quickly separated as part of a hemisection prior to extraction.

The H255E is color coded with a black band, which indicates that the bur features Komet’s specially developed, particularly sharp, crosscut toothing that minimizes nicks and notches and significantly increases cutting performance.

• Exceptionally sharp toothing for excellent cutting performance and conservative preparations
• Long service life, thanks to effective cross-cut toothing





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