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314 -FG shaft / turbine shaft / Aeratör314 -FG shaft / turbine shaft / Aeratör



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Labial, extra long

Composite Q-Finishers
For efficient work on composite and optimal results.
Up to now, working on composite fillings required 3 finishing steps (with normal, fine and extra-fine finishing instruments).
Due to the development of an innovative toothing, the procedure can now be reduced to just 2 steps:
• Step 1: Q-finishing instrument
• Step 2: Ultra-fine finishing instrument


• Time saving – one step can be omitted
• Cost savings – only two instruments are needed
• Special cross-cut toothing – better surface quality is achieved after a single step when compared to that produced after the second step with conventional finishing instruments
• Smooth, non-cutting tips – tapered instruments H134Q and H135Q with their non-cutting tips assure gentle finishing without damage to the gingiva

1. Şaft

2. Boyut



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