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314 -FG shaft / turbine shaft / Aeratör314 -FG shaft / turbine shaft / Aeratör



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For porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns and metal crowns, apply crown remover at an angle of 45° (For extremly hard ceramics, as for example zirconium, use 4ZRS-Diamond)


Crown cutter H4MCXL
The H4MCL, for metal and ceramics, is ideal for cutting PFM and hard-metal crowns. This ingenious instrument cuts through ceramic veneering and the underlying metal structure without requiring instrument changes.
A further distinctive feature is the tiptransversing blade permitting easy penetration into the material to be cut. The pyramid-shaped blade design prevents blade breakouts and guarantees increased stability and high resistance to breakage, thus ensuring a smooth operation with little vibration.

• Tip transversing blade on tungsten carbide burs to facilitate penetration of the crown material.
• Time savings
• Reduced heat generation thanks to effective spaces
• Outstanding durability




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