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204-RA/Right-angle /Anguldurva204-RA/Right-angle /Anguldurva



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High-shine polisher interspersed with diamond grit
For pre-polishing and high-shine polishing
To be used on moist surfaces, We recommend set 4669

Two-step polishing of composites
The two-step system offers a long service life combined with outstanding flexibility. After shaping with tungsten carbide finishers (preferably Q-Finishers), high-shine polishing takes place with light yellow polishers immediately afterwards. If finishing is done with a red ring diamond only, the surface is still so rough that both polishing stages should be performed.
The light pink polishers can effectively pre-polish surfaces. This is followed by the second polishing step, where the light yellow polishers are used to create a perfect high-shine finish. The brilliant interplay between fine diamond grit and a special bond facilitates the creation of a glossy finish while providing the polishers with an impressively long service life.


• These particularly flexible and petite polishing spirals are optimally suited for reaching all surfaces
• Can be employed from any angle to quickly and effectively posterior and anterior restorations
• Shiny, high-gloss yet delicate finish
• Long service life
• Multi use polishers are economical in use




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