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204-RA/Right-angle /Anguldurva204-RA/Right-angle /Anguldurva


Stok No:FQ06

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Ürün Açıklaması
Komet’s FQ is a rotary, heat-treated endodontic file system that safely, efficiently, and reliably treats the toughest root canal cases.

Seamless Solution for Complex Canals

• Efficiently removes debris in the most complicated cases with its double-S cross section and narrow instrument core.
• Offers extreme flexibility and a larger chip space because of its patented variably tapered file core. (Only for instruments with taper .06)
• Broad range of files allows clinicians to adapt to specific treatment cases while preserving the natural canal anatomy.
• The heat-treated Niti file is less likely to separate due to its high cyclic fatigue resistance

FQ is the Stronger, Faster and More Durable File

The Proof is in the Design
• FQ removed significantly more debris than Pro Taper Ultimate due to its double-S cross section.
• The design allows FQ to remove longer strips of debris because there are more contact points.

Decrease Chair Time
FQ’s cutting rate was 24% faster than ProTaper Ultimate

No More Separation Anxiety
FQ lasted between 110% – 228% longer in the cyclic fatigue test than ProTaper Ultimate


L 25, L 31



020, 025, 030


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