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314 -FG shaft / turbine shaft / Aeratör314 -FG shaft / turbine shaft / Aeratör



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The 4ZR is used for cutting all-ceramic crowns and works especially well on extremely hard ceramic materials such as zirconium dioxide.


• Tip transversing blade on tungsten carbide burs to facilitate penetration of the crown material
• Time savings
• Reduced heat generation thanks to effective chip spaces
• Outstanding durability

Recommendations for Use:
• When cutting materials that tend to “jump” (ex. certain non-precious alloys), use the instrument in the turbine and apply a low contact pressure
• To take full advantage of the instrument’s shape and size, apply the instrument at an angle of 45 degrees to the crown
• Always apply sufficient coolant (at least 50 ml/min)
• Do not exceed a maximum contact pressure of 2N



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