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314 -FG shaft / turbine shaft / Aeratör314 -FG shaft / turbine shaft / Aeratör


Stok No:4COMP

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Ürün Açıklaması
Composite remover

Composite remover
The new 4COMP is used to quickly and efficiently remove composite fillings.
The pear shape and structured blank design provides additional chip and hollow spaces which ensure efficient and quick removal of large amounts of composite right from the first rotation of the bur. Also, it’s innovative, active tip allows for axial drilling.

• Excellent substance removal thanks to a structured blank and an active tip with large chip spaces
• The 4COMP is distinguished by its consistently high removal capacity
• Its service life is clearly superior to other instruments – especially tungsten carbide burs

A structured blank bur combines a blank side and a diamond side for increased efficiency when removing substances. The blank side reduces clogging and the generation of heat and the diamond side quickly removes substances.





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